About Us

Signum Hotels & Resorts Pvt. Ltd. is a hotel management company operating hotels and resorts across the globe. It offers exceptional service provided by a diverse team with a remarkable combined experience of over 1000 years across varied hospitality verticals. The emerging hospitality company has already made its mark with 12 hotels across India, 18 service apartments in London, property signings in Greece, Israel, USA, Dubai, Belgrade, and vies to manage 5000 keys by 2023. The group is fiercely determined to be the best choice for large scale as well as medium scale investors and developers by lending their expertise in developing remarkable hotels. The company is a beacon of elegance and a treasure trove providing contemporary facilities. As a brand, Signum Hotels strive to provide exemplary service and deliver “experiential stays”. By combining luxury with simplicity, the brand helps customers to revitalize and experience elegance at a price that would not burn a hole in their pockets. Since the inception of the brand, Signum Hotels has soared to new heights with properties at best locations in India and abroad, and continue to expand aggressively.


It is rightly said that even the smallest of the moments can potentially trigger great ideas. For the founder of Signum Hotels & Resorts it was while flipping magazines containing innumerous hotel options in a long flight. Having moved to different places nearly every year, he is more of a true bird of passage and had been to several hotels. He had always wanted hotels to be like temporary homes providing warmth and comfort with the experience being the most important factor something which the glossy magazine’s advertisements neither conveyed nor delivered. He was interrupted by an announcement; the journey had ended but the idea stayed. Upon arrival, he started researching the market and came up with an idea of starting a hotel chain which would highlight the indelible mark that experience leaves. A hotel that would provide the entire family with local delicacies as well as unparalleled service and comfort at exotic locations. The idea was conceptualized, a team formed which soon became a family. The motto was to have a brand that would create a mark and hence, the name “Signum” with etymological roots in Latin meaning a sign or a mark was meticulously chosen. It represents the strong mark that the brand hopes to create; a sign that it is on the path to transform the industry. It showcases that the brand adds significant value to their hotel owners, employees and customers. For him the simple yet stylish font represents convenience and a relaxed stay while at the same time a promise of top-notch service. A teammate’s story reminiscing about a place drew the realization that what one remembers about any place are often the experiences they have had. Consequentially, the tagline was decided as “Experiential Stays” reaffirming the company’s focus on providing a pleasant experience and highlights the lasting mark that experience leaves.

The story behind Signum hotels & resorts interior designs is rather interesting when seen from the Founder’s eyes. A business trip to an exotic seaside locale provided a relaxing experience which everyone agreed was inimitable by any spa or massage parlor. Inspired from nature’s grandeur and the exquisite care mother nature takes of its inhabitants three concepts were designed for the interiors – Shell, Deep Sea and Sea Shore. Each concept has a different color palette curated to the specific theme. Shells provide an outer covering and keep the core intact, protected and cozy. This is demonstrative of how the Signum hotels functions – a strong architecture, unshakeable support and great service which makes the guests feel secured and comfortable. Sea provides solace from anxiety and uneasiness and has healing power. It cleanses one’s minds and imposes a rhythm of peace and tranquility. This is analogous to stays or vacations at Signum hotels which would bring about calmness with their hassle-free services and allow the customers to spend quality time with their loved ones rather than fuss over decisions. Delivering on the brand promise – top class services, availability of favorite scrumptious cuisines and calming vicinities are some of our hallmarks. The cherry on the top is that Signum provide all this and more at a price which will not create a hole in your pockets. Little did the founder know he will manage to come a long way with 12 properties across India along with 18 service apartments in London making his mark global across countries via offering a comprehensive environment through a diverse team that has a combined professional experience of 650+ years across varied hospitality verticals.

Signum aims to continue providing exceptional service, exceed expectations and inspire a connect with their brand. They strive to conquer new heights, be agile, re-invent and revolutionize the hospitality sector while at the same time staying true to their core beliefs and values. After all, they wish to be perfect for their customers.


Signum Hotels & Resorts is a global hospitality chain that believes in leaving a lasting legacy for its guests, the community, and stakeholders. Our goal is to ensure that their time spent with us is respected and valued as one of their most memorable experiences.


The core vision of Signum Hotels and Resorts is to provide authentic experiences set in a background of comfortable and hidden luxury.

Affordable yet aspirational luxury where there is seamless integration with immersive inclusions.

Signum Hotels and Resorts aims to curate plush hotels with local and community design inspiration along with authentic experiences and unravel newer corners of the world that aren’t privy to commercialization.