Why signum hotels?

Connect to disconnect 

Signum brings to the guest a wholesome escapade to rejuvenate and decompress. We aspire to engage the senses to disconnect from the everyday and focus in the present by actively engaging the mind & body in new experiences.

Immersive cultural experience 

Travelling to a new city is a chance to fully witness the cultural beauty of that area. Every region has a unique heritage that we bring forth to our guests. 

Our hotels proudly showcases the same through live performances, events and cultural walks. We incorporate the flavor of the city in our hotels through art, music and architecture. Our aim is to bring the city to the guest for a truly memorable stay.

Traditional –food, material, therapy

Signum will bring to you the long forgotten recipes & art forms that will be revived & relived. From the age old traditional Ayurveda treatments in our spa’s to yoga sessions with leading Yogaacharya. The community building social activities like rangoli making, henna dyeing & art activities will let the guest enjoy & relish the beauty of our traditions.

Vocal for local

It is our aim to work with the local craftsman and vendors to bring livelihood to them and build the community we are located in. Local farms produce will not only bring beneficial and nutritious food to our tables but also sustain the local farmers. Fabric and crafts from local weavers and craftsmen will be used in our hotels that shall reveal their products to our guests and bring them deserving fame & customers. 

We truly believe that the community is the backbone of any location and together a sustainable alliance can be formed that is mutually benefitting. 

Sustainable foot forward

Sustainable development is essential because:

  • Rapid economic growth and industrialization have led to reckless exploitation of natural resources.
  • There is fear of complete exhaustion of these natural resources.
  • In the process of economic growth, damage is being caused to environment and ecology.  

Green initiatives

Through rainwater harvesting system water conservation and water harvesting can be practiced. This will also replenish the groundwater.

By using the concept of cool surfaces, cooling loss will be minimized. By green roofing or coating in high remittance substances thermal absorption will be effectively reduced..

Net metering will allow us to generate our own electricity using solar panels and then the surplus energy will be exported back to the city’s electrical grid.

Energy efficiency

Practicing innovative techniques to reduce carbon footprint which is the total amount of greenhouse gases (including carbon dioxide and methane) that are generated by our actions.

Through efficient systems such as-

  • Installation of timers
  • Rewire circuits-monitoring
  • Proper insulation
  • Extensive use of LEDs
  • Appliances connected to key
  • card switch
  • Energy efficient appliances
  • Automated thermostat
  • Solar panels

Touch of green

The connection of humans to nature has been disrupted through the modernisation. Signum properties will have ample indoor landscaping for a natural, feel-good environment that appeals to the senses while adding aesthetic value to the space.

Additionally, plants regulate the indoor temperature & also bring in freshness. Air purifying plants will help maintain the quality of air. 

The vernacular

Traditional and cost effective material to be used to bring in authenticity and the beauty of the natural elements. Use of materials such as bamboo, cane, rattan and wood infuses the charm of nature and sustainable living

Flora & fauna

Through dried and framed plant artworks of local medicinal plants of the region will be showcased.  Also artworks of fauna, typical to the region along with little tid bits of facts will be shared. This is to increase knowledge & interest in the biodiversity of a particular area.

Also we will bring together the low-income local community to create bookmarks & cards of preserved plants/flowers of the region. This shall be sold in the signum experience corner of the property.

Sound of music

Music is believed to be the food for the soul. Music therapy helps the psychological and social well-being of the individuals.  With signum patented music, guests will be treated to the power of auditory invigoration.

Our team of exemplary musicians will bring to you healing & nourishing musical feasts. Working with hidden treasures of artists and musical instruments an intoxicating concoction of sounds will be offered to our guests. 

Participative events

Invigorating activities to engage the mind and senses will be organized for our guests. From learning about farming and planting a vegetable to creating vibrating music in a drum circle, or to a relaxing clay modelling class, the guests shall be offered these experiences in an attempt to self-exploration.

Cooking classes with our celebrated chef & wine tasting shall be a treat not to be missed! For our little guests a petting zoo will bring them the joy of holding and feeding little furry friends. Art, music & story telling classes will be held for them. 

Health & wellness

Our wellness therapy aims at resolving body ailments. Through the healing powers of traditional Ayurveda, rejuvenation & revitalization treatments will be offered to create a harmonious balance in our body. 

Also detoxing through food & drinks shall remove all the undesirables and would leave our gut & mind healthy. 

  • Detox therapy
  • Yoga/fitness
  • Wellness cuisine
  • Detox drinks
  • Aesthetics

Architectural aesthetic to unfold a warm visual experience. A modern façade with a strong geometrical pattern to emphasize the strength and ethos of the brand.

In resort & heritage properties the architectural elements to be highlighted to bring forth the traditional construction practices. The building are to compliment and respect the landscape it sits in. 

IT and Automation

Signum is partnered with Centriqe to take care of our AI operations. Centriqe is a US-based company that uses AI to simplify customer engagement and increases revenue. Their tailored software helps us in increasing the profit revenue and track data in real time. We track analytics and performance simultaneously which maximizes revenue with effective AI-based measures.

A wide data perspective, based on a machine learning system, assists us in improving our planning.  It runs on leading cloud platform like Oracle, Google, Azure & AWS. Also, AI chatbots on social media platforms, allows customers to ask questions and get almost instantaneous responses, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. 

Rewards system

Our reward points system, entrust, offers loyalty points to our dear members for an enhanced stay experience. It is valid on all our hotels from Asia Pacific, Europe and USA. The guests are welcome to enjoy excellent offers and to earn & redeem the rewards on flipkart website.

The people of signum

A strong team is the key to growth & success. At signum we believe in active participation & encouraging each other to achieve higher goals. Our team of highly skilled and brilliant individuals bring to the table their own expertise. Our people are our biggest asset. 

Together we aim to bring sustainable hospitality to our guests. 


It is rightly said that even the smallest of the moments can potentially trigger great ideas. For the founder of Signum Hotels and Resorts it was while flipping magazines containing innumerous hotel options in a long flight. Having moved to different places nearly every year, he is more of a true bird of passage and had been to several hotels. He had always wanted hotels to be like temporary homes providing warmth and comfort with the experience being the most important factor something which the glossy magazine’s advertisements neither conveyed nor delivered. He was interrupted by an announcement; the journey had ended but the idea stayed. Upon arrival, he started researching the market and came up with an idea of starting a hotel chain which would highlight the indelible mark that experience leaves. A hotel that would provide the entire family with local delicacies as well as unparalleled service and comfort at exotic locations. The idea was conceptualized, a team formed which soon became a family. The motto was to have a brand that would create a mark and hence, the name “Signum” with etymological roots in Latin meaning a sign or a mark was meticulously chosen. It represents the strong mark that the brand hopes to create; a sign that it is on the path to transform the industry. It showcases that the brand adds significant value to their hotel owners, employees and customers. For him the simple yet stylish font represents convenience and a relaxed stay while at the same time a promise of top-notch service. A teammate’s story reminiscing about a place drew the realization that what one remembers about any place are often the experiences they have had. Consequentially, the tagline was decided as “Experiential Stays” reaffirming the company’s focus on providing a pleasant experience and highlights the lasting mark that experience leaves.

The story behind Signum hotels and resorts interior designs is rather interesting when seen from the Founder’s eyes. A business trip to an exotic seaside locale provided a relaxing experience which everyone agreed was inimitable by any spa or massage parlor. Inspired from nature’s grandeur and the exquisite care mother nature takes of its inhabitants three concepts were designed for the interiors – Shell, Deep Sea and Sea Shore. Each concept has a different color palette curated to the specific theme. Shells provide an outer covering and keep the core intact, protected and cozy. This is demonstrative of how the Signum hotels functions – a strong architecture, unshakeable support and great service which makes the guests feel secured and comfortable. Sea provides solace from anxiety and uneasiness and has healing power. It cleanses one’s minds and imposes a rhythm of peace and tranquility. This is analogous to stays or vacations at Signum hotels which would bring about calmness with their hassle-free services and allow the customers to spend quality time with their loved ones rather than fuss over decisions. Delivering on the brand promise – top class services, availability of favorite scrumptious cuisines and calming vicinities are some of our hallmarks. The cherry on the top is that Signum provide all this and more at a price which will not create a hole in your pockets. Little did the founder know he will manage to come a long way with 12 properties across India along with 18 service apartments in London making his mark global across countries via offering a comprehensive environment through a diverse team that has a combined professional experience of 650+ years across varied hospitality verticals.

Signum aims to continue providing exceptional service, exceed expectations and inspire a connect with their brand. They strive to conquer new heights, be agile, re-invent and revolutionize the hospitality sector while at the same time staying true to their core beliefs and values. After all, they wish to be perfect for their customers.

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